Compare your performance with the Most-Liked websites

This report has been generated using the Opengraphy Social Marketing App.

The Social Manager developed by OpenGraphy allows users to analyze the number of Likes, Shares and Comments generated by the Facebook community on their respective site.

Facebook Statistics For Domains (Facebook External  Insights for major world domains)

Get to know your own website interactions :

Your most-liked pages deserve to be promoted at the top of your Homepage via custom like boxes and OpenGraphy Plugins.

It’s important to follow those stats once you have optimized your website for social networks with OpenGraphy.
Indeed, the OpenGraphy optimization and its related Facebook application enable the pages of any site to have the same functionalities as a Facebook page.

But how do you do when you have to analyze the social performance of thousands – or even millions- of pages from different domains ?

Note :
Insights are great for the average user, not for you.

You need to locate the pages, group them, and create custom plugins to display the performing ones at different placements of your site…

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