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OpenGraphy and Open Graph : A strategic Opportunity for businesses

In April 2010, Facebook introduced a new protocol to enable any webpage to have the same functionality as a Facebook page. It means that if your website is optimized, the visitors who like something on your site become automatically a fan of a symetric Facebook page on Facebook.

A page optimized for Facebook allows you to generate fans of every single content of your site as soon as it’s real life objects, individuals, and / or activities.

Do not focus anymore on your Official Facebook page but on the pages of your site. First, use the OpenGraphy Free App to discover if your site is liked, shared or commented on Facebook. If you can see interactions in the Dashboard view, it means that your content can become your best partner to generate large volume of fans.

Start by discovering your existing Facebook performance using OpenGraphy Free App

  • Is your site Liked ?
  • Are your videos Shared ?
  • Are your articles Commented ?
  • Are your pages optimized for Facebook ?

A Analyse your performance page by page or request a full report to see how many fans you could generate with your website pages.

B Boost your Social Activities by focusing on your site First with OpenGraphy.

OpenGraphy Free Version : Evaluate your Facebook performance

Note :

This application is your entry door to the socialization of your website. To use it in the most effective way and discover the entire features of the Pro Version, please, contact us for a private demo.

Connect your Facebook Visitors to your content : Create automatic Facebook pages for each page of your site

Example : You are running a website covering smartphones. You write a product page presenting the new iPhone 4. Your visitors can become a fan of this page by clicking on the Like and Share buttons customized by OpenGraphy. The first fan you get to your iPhone 4 webpage will trigger the generation of a symetric Facebook page on This symetric Fan page is only visible by the admin of the OpenGraphy application. A few days later, when the writer writes another article which is related to this one, the readers who liked the earlier article will automatically receive an update in their Facebook news feed.

As an admin of the OpenGraphy App too, you will be able to send messages to the readers who have liked your iPhone page.

Manage your communities : Publish messages to the fans of all your Facebook and domain pages easily as well as to the users who have allowed your dedicated Facebook application !

The OpenGraphy Pro version allows you to generate a symetric fan page for each page of your site.
The visitors who like any page of your site becomes a fan of it as if it was a Facebook page.

The OpenGraphy application changes the way Facebook users engage with your website by proposing with a all-in-one code a fully socialization of your site.

OpenGraphy will expand the basic Facebook Like function to dynamically generated content. Instead of a one-time sharing event, this optimization will result in a permanent connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on your webpages tags, categories and google metas. Create new webpages as you normally would. Define your posting with appropriate tags or categories. Once posted, it will have a Facebook Like button linked to it via the tags/categories you defined. Any of your visitors who clicks the OpenGraphy Like and share buttons will share your webpage but also receive additional updates anytime you write a new article or add a related offer specifying the same tags.

Once you have generated thousands of fans to the numerous pages of your site, the OpenGraphy community management feature included in the pro version will help you manage all your communities at once.

Zoom on the main features of the OpenGraphy Social Marketing Application :

-Get your webpages listed in Facebook Search :

Send messages to all your fans at the same time : to the fans to your official Page + to the fans of your domain pages + to the fans of your dedicated OpenGraphy Application

Filter the Facebook pages on which you want to publish by Keyword (Categories / tags, Google keyword metas, etc)

Target your message by Language / Location

Your benefits are clear :

Continuous sharing : OpenGraphy implements a Facebook Like button and adds change-detect and notification logic to expand the button into a permanent connection for ongoing sharing and updates.
Increased reach and revisits : Case studies show that this function can increase your page view by 25%-40%.
Consumer intent : Your readers define what they are interested in by pressing the Like button. You define the context via the tags. When the tags provide a well-defined context you and your readers win. They get timely updates of relevant content into their new feeds and you get more revisits.

As a consequence, the OpenGraphy app will help you generate at least 3 times more fans than you use to do using your official Facebook page only.

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